Buying Cheap Tickets To Accra:The Mesmerizing Capital Of Ghana

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Published: 26th January 2012
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Accra is one of the preferred destinations of Europeans with plenty of cultural attractions, beaches and restaurants. Get cheap flights to Accra and be prepared to have an astonishing holiday with your family. With a fabulous climate throughout the year, the beaches of Accra are one of the most pleasurable spots to visit.

You may have never imagined visiting Africa; however the city of Accra that was originally built around as a port and is now a favorite tourist destination in the African subcontinent. The tropical Savannah climate provides a perfect ambience to your trip and you can get respite from the stress and the bustling life of the city for a few days. While you can walk around the city centre, you can also visit some of the famous places such as the National Theatre where you can watch some wonderful plays or the National Museum that houses some of the best pieces of art and artifacts. There are several cheap flights to Accra and you can book your seat to have a peaceful and marvelous holiday with your family. The city, which is the largest and the capital city of Ghana has emerged to become a metropolis from a small city and artfully combines classic structures with modern elements. The ideal way to visit this city is to take cheap tickets to Accra and enjoy a trip to the cultural hub of Africa.

The Place for Football Lovers

Taking flights to Accra will also convey you an essence of the game of football that is played at every corner and alley of this city. If you are a lover of soccer, a visit to this city is worthwhile and you can enjoy a wonderful match of football. You will also find several places that sell football jerseys particularly in Oxford Street. Accra should be an ideal destination for the sport lovers and you can be a part of a great football match that is being played by your favorite players.

A Memorable trip to Jamestown

Jamestown is a popular and the biggest fishing harbor in Accra. One of the ancient regions of Accra, Jamestown provides you with a wonderful view of sea life from the nearby cliffs and the lighthouse. If you are planning a trip by taking favorable flights to Accra, you should not miss the national monuments of James Fort and Ussher Fort. This place also offers you with enchanting scenic beauty that surrounds the colonial fort of Jamestown.

Beaches in Accra

You can buy airline tickets to visit the Labadi beach in Accra that is popular among the local people and also for the tourists. There are some exotic local foods available in restaurant along the beachside and good entertainment that is offered by the drummers and the acrobats. If you are able to manage good flight deals to visit Accra with your kids, do not miss the famous pony rides. Here you will also get an opportunity to collect some local souvenirs and carry them back home for your friends and family.

Wonderful Traveling Deals

You can with utmost ease buy airline tickets to visit Accra and avoid the hassles of traveling to this city. You can enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family by booking the best arrangements online and getting good flight deals will seem easier than ever.

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